Lite-Link Portable Repeater System


Maximize your radio coverage in minutes!

The Lite-Link Portable Repeater System lets you mix and match a selection of different components to create a customized portable radio repeater package that will keep you talking.

Choose an in-band or cross-band Lite-Link repeater model, and customize with a portable antenna stand, power options and other accessories to suit your needs.

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Why Choose a Lite-Link Portable Repeater Package?


1) Compact & Lightweight

Get maximum performance with minimal weight. The Lite-Link portable repeater boasts an industry-leading compact, lightweight and portable design that is ideal for fast-response situations and carrying over difficult terrain.



2.) Rapidly Deployable

Easily carried and deployed by one person, a Lite-Link Portable Repeater Package can be set up in minutes. The plug-and-play assembly with intuitive connections for power and antennas ensure a fast, correct set-up every time.



3.) Flex-Power

The Lite-Link Portable Repeater is designed to accommodate flexible power options. It can run from several different power sources simultaneously, which can be changed without powering-off the repeater.



4) High-Performance, Portable Antenna System

Quickly deploy antennas and start communicating in minutes. The Lite-Link Antenna Stand is a quick-deploy antenna mounting platform and a key component in the Lite-Link Portable Repeater Package.




What Do Our Customers Say?

“We have used the Lite-Link repeater for several years now and have always been pleased with its ease of use and effectiveness. As part of our safety plan when teams are working in the field, having a dependable radio link back to Command is critical. We are able to deploy it quickly whether flying it in by helicopter, on foot or by vehicle to a remote location.”

Richard Laing,

Team Manager
Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue
December 3, 2013

“At the time, Coquitlam Search and rescue did not have a fixed repeater, and we had many areas where communications was impossible. What was needed was a repeater that could be placed at strategic locations AND carried in by a hiker. This small compact unit with the option of battery configurations was the perfect combination of portability, extended field usage and simplicity”…
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Ray Nordstrand,

Search Manager
Coquitlam Search and Rescue
December 9, 2013

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