GEOS Emergency Response

GEOS Emergency Assistance

When you activate your DeLorme inReach on a service plan, you automatically receive GEOS global emergency support services, at no extra charge. The GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Centre (IERCC) provides continuous SOS monitoring and emergency dispatch. Upon receiving an SOS message from your inReach communicator, they will notify your emergency contact and emergency responders in your area. They also maintain an open line of communication to provide updates on your location, if necessary.

Emergency Assistance with Interactive SOS:

  • All SOS messages automatically trigger remote tracking.
  • Text message SOS alerts:
    • Describe your emergency so rescuers can come properly prepared.
    • Receive text confirmation from GEOS response center that your message has been received and rescuers have been notified.
  • Pushbutton SOS alerts
    • Message confirmation indicates GEOS dispatcher has received your alert and notified rescuers.
    • You can send a follow-up pushbutton alert to indicate you’re conscious.
    • Button lock prevents false alarms.
    • Complies with RTCM SC-128 SENDS.
    • Supports one-handed gloved operation.
  • Cancelling SOS alerts.
    • Intended SOS messages can easily be cancelled if warranted.
    • Cancellation can be implemented either by push-button on the inReach or using the inReach interface on your smartphone or mobile device.
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